JMH Directional Drilling Ltd have an extensive range of equipment and combined with our knowledge and experience this allows us to successfully complete small, medium and large pipeline projects.

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The equipment used in horizontal directional drilling depends on the outer diameter of the pipe, length of the run, ground conditions and the surroundings above ground. For the large bores, directional drills equipped with as much as 50 tonnes 110 000 lb of thrust/pullback (American Auger DD10 ) is used in conjunction with a mud reclaimer, excavator, and multiple pumps and hoses to supply the drilling fluid to the drill stem. Directional drilling stem is made from heat-treated high-carbon steel for strength and ships in diameters of 4”. Drill stem sections are manufactured in 3.0 or 4.6 and also 6.0 meter lengths and have male threading on one end, and female on the other. It is common for a directional drill to carry as much as 600m of rod on board. Drilling heads come in multiple designs and depend on the rock or soil being penetrated. The drilling head has multiple water ports to allow removal of material. A talon bit involves the carbide-tipped cutters. These allow for steering and cutting the material. Another head is a Mud Motor that is used in rocky landscapes.

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