Vermeer D36 x 50

Length with 10" (3m) Rod 6.5m
Length with 15" (4.6m) Rod 7.9m
Height with Cab 2261mm (without cab 1905mm)
Weight 10" (3m) Rod 9321.3kg
Weight 15" (4.6) Rod 10,251.2kg

Engine: John Deere Diesel 4045 tier 3 Turbo
Gross Power Rating: 140hp (104.4kw)
Rated rpm: 2400

Fluid Capacities:
Engine Oil (including filter): 14.7L
Fuel Tank: 170.3L
Hydraulic Tank: 170.3L

Thrust (Push): 36,000lb (16.071 tons)
Pullback: 36,000lb (16.071 tons)
Automated Rod Loader
Electrical Strike Alert
Max Ground Speed: 1.5km/h

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Vermeer D36X5011

Drill Fluid System:
Max Flow: 50gpm (189.3L/min) or 70 (265L/min)
Max Pressure: 1300 psi (89.6 bar)

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